Artisan Soap

Made in small batches using pure plant butters and oils to produce a creamy and bubbly luxurious bar suitable for all skins.
Ingredients include Aloe Vera, oat milk and New Forest Spring Water. I use natural colours such as alkanet,  indigo and gentle cosmetic clay wherever possible.
My recipe does not include artificial hardeners and the use of a free draining soap dish is recommended.
Suitable for ages 3+
Most varieties carry the New Forest Marque  – the sign of true local produce.
Please note that this is a handmade product and some design variations will occur.
All my soap varieties have been cosmetically assessed and comply with E.U. regulations.  Soap made by the cold processed method needs a minimum of 4 weeks to cure so at times I may be temporarily out of stock of some varieties. If your favourite is out of stock please email me and I will be pleased to let you know when the next batch will be ready. 

Proud member of The New Forest Marque and The Guild of Craft Soap and Toiletry Makers.

Packaging: Cardboard box.
Minimum weight of each slice is 95g.

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